Why Build & Design?

What is Build & Design?

Build and Design is a common yet overlooked practice in which a single firm is responsible for the entirety of your project, from the conceptual design through completion of construction.

Thoughtful Design

Continuity brings ingenuity. The processes of designing and building should be reciprocal.

With the comprehensive Build and Design approach, your design benefits from the foresight of a builder’s knowledge, and your construction retains an unflinching respect for architectural style and detail.

Timely Completion

Continuity brings efficiency. The seamless progression from design into building phases can significantly shorten project duration. The longstanding relationship TRL Construction & Design shares with our established team of professional contractors facilitates communication and allows for a more linear road to completion.

Financial Control

Continuity brings clarity. Optimize your budget by identifying building costs early and minimizing the need for changes. Your plans are conceived with an informed and accurate knowledge of their cost.


Total Accountability

Continuity brings peace of mind. A direct one-on-one relationship between the client and TRL Construction & Design ensures that all are working on the same page.

Timely Completion

We take sole accountability for the cost, timing and quality of our workmanship.


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